Rio's Log Episode V

A Lighted Path

After Krieton and Ruun destroyed the ancient Starforge, the duo and myself retreated back to the Yavin system with the Rebel Alliance. There, we played a minor role in the destruction of and Imperial superweapon known as the Death Star.

After the battle, we fled with the Alliance as they base hopped throughout the galaxy, and the Alliance helped us repair the new vessel we liberated from the Starforge.

Sensing the desperate state of the Alliance, Krieton and Ruun decided to leave the rebels for now, and we returned to Dravos to investigate the temples where the ancient and encoded star maps were found.

After activating the temples power supply, a legion of hostile droids came to life and began a grim work. Following the droids trail deep, deep into te planets crust, we were faced with the slaughter of an entire civilization, where the dead had been impaled on long and tall pikes, a grim displayed fossilized and ominous.

More ominous still, the heart of the facility housed a great and strange sacrificial alter that acted as a massive computer of some kind, and a member of the Sith race, a Massassi warrior who claimed to be eons trapped there by the fell magics of the ancient Sith, decoded the charts, and claimed they led to the ancient homeworld of the Massassi, older even than Koroban.

The Warrior, calling himself Vorunn, told us that now that civilization was on the verge of discovering the Sith temple, he would take matters into his own hands. While he seemed not to care about giving us the coordinates of the homeworld, as we fled the system, some power greater than I have ever known pulled the planet apart in a matter of hours.

Casualties were in the tens of millions, and Dravos is currently a wide brushstroke of pulverized rock and frozen steel.

We make our way to the mysterious world whose location we paid a heavy price to learn.



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