Rio's Log Episode IV

Heart of Fire

Alyx, Krieton, and Ruun, following the coordinates they decoded at the imperial base, discovered the dark secret the the rouge captain was hiding.

It was a StarForge.

The massive factory, built by the ancients, was capable of churning out any number of ships and weapons with immense precision and speed, and he was building an army for his Mandilorian mercenaries. Realizing that escape from the system was impossible, the hero’s managed to board the device by sneaking onto an imperial convoy. Once aboard, they split up.

Ruun went to the core, where after a brief battle, he managed to destabilize the facilities massive intake valve as it gathered energy and materials from the dying star bellow.

Meanwhile, Krieton managed to steal a ship that the forge had built eons ago, but not before boarding a massive, ancient dreadnought, aiming it at the facilities intake vent, and powering up the engines. After a fight in the control tower, Ruun and Alyx defeated the crew, and Kreiton picked them up, and escaped the system before the impact of the dreadnought, combined with the crippled core of the facility, collapsed it into the surface of the sun, and sent the star into supernova.

Rewards: 5,000 XP, as well as a new vessel, an ancient Crescent- X9, and 50,000 credits from a grateful Rebel Alliance.
Her job done, Alyx said goodbye to Krieton and Ruun. The duo now have a well equipped vessel, as well as some new friends, and a pocket full of credits.
They can only hope that the mysterious Imperial Captain, who they never actually encountered, is forever disarmed, and no longer a threat, if indeed he is still alive.



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