Keoda Bad-Irdo

Ex-slave, Ex-Jedi, Ex-Patriate to a lost home....


Class: Jedi7/Jedi Knight 2 (HL: 9)
Race: Rodian
Age: 35
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 140 lbs.

  • STR 14 – 2 HP: 83
  • DEX 13 – 1 DMG Thresh: 21
  • CON 10 – 0 SPD: 6
  • INT 14 – 2 B.Atk: 9
  • WIS 17 – 3 F.P.: 9
  • CHA 16 – 3
  • FORT 21
  • REF 22
  • WILL 24

Basic, Rodese, Bothese, Durese

Clear Mind, Dark Side Sense, Force Perception, Deflect, Gauge Force Potential

S.T.: Survival, Force Sensitivity, W.P. Lightsaber, W.P. Simple, S.T.: Force x2, W.F.: Lightsaber S.T.: Endurance, Combat Reflexes, Acrobatic Strike

Trained: Acrobatics: 10, Endurance: 9, Initiative: 10, Knowledge (Galactic Lore): 11, Knowledge (Social Sciences): 11, Survival: 17, Use the Force: 12

Force Powers
Negate Energy, Fold Space, Drain Energy, Surge, Farseeing, Battle Strike, Inertia, Intercept

Force Point Recovery


“If only the Force could turn back the Times and make us all what we should have been.” -Keoda

Part I: Rodian Childhood

Born into the Bomu clan as a warrior-slave, Keoda was tattooed with a zig-zag above the right eye at birth. Marked amongst a brood of 35 siblings, his sires and overseers saw that he and his blood cadre were put to good use. Keoda observed the hostile take-over of their child lives get smeared into a haze of violence. One by one his siblings succumbed to violence, drugs, and the philosophy of the average life on Rodia, that of danger and almost utter disposability. He came to know his people by the wretched vortexes of pain they truly were. This evidence of identity alone caused enough pain for him to vibrate majestically amongst the stars, attracting the attention of more than one wandering mind.

At the earliest of ages all things Rodian, and of Rodia had been introduced. Having earned an early ganger position by saving a comrade and killing a murderous ghest that had been haunting a ground village outside of Equator City, Keoda was recognized. That hunt alone granted rights to move up the ladder, although he truly wished against progression amongst his Bomu clansmen he was tattooed above the left eye as well. Seeing no real combat action other than shooting at a wild monster had him scared for the future.

No sooner had Keoda been promoted than a gang-fight war brought him under the command of a lame squad. They were dubbed what the older gangers called “Ibz” which is local Equator slang for shit, in common. The fight spanned a large neighborhood district south of Equator City and the Ibz squad was led in. Under the older Bomu gangers supervision Keoda watched other bewildered youngsters, high on a blood-lust get used as cannon fodder, lackeys, and “yes-Rodians.” Keoda and his Ibz consisted of his 4 year old younger brother, and six other youngsters from different Bomu families. A contingency of Chattzas, the opposite gang, were fighting over what was a casual territory dispute. With no lines to draw in the sand war was the only option.

During a hairy cross-fire where all of the adult Bomus in the area were slain Keoda rallied his people and led them out of the zone to safer Bomu territory. He saved all of seventeen young Rodian lives from senseless slaughter. For abandoning the fight and leaving the older comrades the oldest Rodian boy present, Jatzu, was executed by Zo, the Bomu clan street leader – after Zo asked for the survivor’s hero to step forward to be recognized. Horrified with this encounter Keoda wished for any miracle that could bring his people to the rational realization of what they truly were. And he was only 5 years old.

Later in the week Keoda would find himself alone, seemingly lost behind enemy lines. When he comes across a strange vision, a haze, that leads him to a corrugated dried-up ditch – the unexpected occurs. A strange sight not normal to the average street violence on Rodia has frozen him in expressionless wonder: A Human woman and a Ualaq male were trying to kill each other with glowing swords of power. Red flashed on blue and arcs of energy could be felt sweeping out from them as one tried to best the other. It was not long before the blue-bladed alien struck a fatal blow with the help of his magic by a rock to the back of her head.

The Ualaq quickly found Keoda spectating and revealed himself as Ab-ceez Anaree, a Jedi Knight who was here to take him off world and attempt to train him in the ways of the Force. He was very convincing to Keoda in that he could feel his mind from worlds away crying out for Life over a senseless Death. Ab-ceez also invoked much empathy with a story about his home life in comparison. Uncertain about what he was leaving behind Keoda dropped his blaster to the ground and allowed the Jedi to lead him out of the battle-zone. Anaree never mentioned the woman to Keoda, but they left her unconscious in the blood-blistered streets of Rodia. Keoda started training under Ab-ceez Anaree for several years until a turn of events led him to the next stage of life.

Part II: Jedi Death

Ab-ceez Anaree was one of several Jedi still operating in the galaxy. Although contact between Jedi was brief and utterly secretive there were chance meetings with few others throughout Keoda’s young apprentice life. One such being was Forbes Gildersleeve, a spaced-out Anzati Jedi that always seemed to have good advice. Forbes’ Padawan was a timid young man named Huey Montmeryhs. The Jedi often resembled bums and practically looked street-slavish, which helped with the blending in on populated planets.

Over the course of thirteen years Keoda grew in hiding with his Master. Together they dodged Imperial patrols, stalked amongst high-grass away from dark force wielders and even came close to death at the jaws of an un-seen Sarlacc. Close to beating the odds at every turn they’d finally landed after a stinted journey. The new rendezvous to meet with their old brethren was a very old spot – on a dark side of Dathomir in a memory-rounded grove. Noting a strange presence as they land their vessel, The Fire Talon, they decide to mask their Force auras and travel unbounded.

The grove was magical with the presence of untouched pure Force-essence, alighted throughout by thousands of shimmering-silver moths. Not a soul had set a foot here in a matter of years. The night place, where the coordinates had been decided, was between a bog and massive tree by the old Nightsister Rancor tree-stub caves. The night was dark, the air moist and tasty. From the abyss the familiar voice of Huey called out aged like fine Corellian wine, “Olll’ friends.”

Master Anaree and Keoda stopped in their tracks, curious to find Huey alone. Ab-ceez asked, “Where is the Anzati?” Huey merely stared at them and cocked his head to reload on Keoda’s eyes, then a smile crept across his face. Keoda began to feel very bad about coming here, his eyes were wide as he slowly crept out of his skin.Just a tad of essence into the air to touch and feel. It felt dark like space cold black.

The aged Ualaq turned to whisper over his shoulder into Keoda’s eyes, “Do not.” At which point Keoda drew his full self back into a tiny contained bubble in the pit of his mind. Ab-ceez stepped forward, “Huey, tell me where Forbes is.”

“Master Gildersleeve is dead. Killed at the blade of a Sith Lord. A new power that I have been dealing with in the southern edge of the mid-rim has unleashed itself. Alone now I have had no luck eliminating the threat. When Master Gildersleeve and I went to the source of the problem we were defeated.”

“A threat? What is it that Forbes died for? Who are they?”

“Well it’s quite simple. They are Jedi. And Forbes Gildersleeve died showing me the true path to the Force. I killed him.”

Huey ignites his ruby-red lightsaber, searing the darkness with sizzling red light. Taken aback the Jedi duo held their ground as they witness the horror multiply. Behind Huey in the dark of the wood four more sabers cast the darkness into a reddened virtual reality world. Ab-ceez recognized the faces of two of them. A Twi’lek that once led part of a resistance-front against the Empire in the Outer Rim was Girber Drolz-Ee. The man with the gnarly beard entangled into his dreadlocks was Durbsto Pilm, a known thief and user of the dark side. The other two darklings Ab-ceez could not identify.

Keoda sensed a turbulent vortex of power surging from the dark side. It emanated like a pulsar and practically made the shadows longer and the blackness darker, the horror of the situation was practically fully pressurized. The five darklings began to move in on all sides, and then it happened.

“Kill them for Darth Alignan and we will all be rewarded!” Huey said with a sinister slither of the tongue.

“I want their light-sabers,” spoke Durbsto Pilm.

“I want their heads and hands,” concluded Girber Drolz-Ee.

The other darklings nodded in mocking agreeance, their laughter howling through the woods. Once the echo faded and all was apparently silent, it wasn’t. There was a sound on the air – it was mechanical – but one couldn’t be certain not until he was right in front of them.

“Shwooo-Shhhhh,” the breathing apparatus sounded out of nowhere. The seven sentients turned to witness: The Black Knight. “Shwooo-Shhhhh,” he was just suddenly standing there on the edge, watching in quiet. “Shwooo-Shhhhh,” his light-saber safely secure at his side. “Shwooo-Shhhhh,” Vader raised his hand to wave it through the air with nothing to show.

The nearest darkling flung himself through the air barreling down on Vader’s spot, his light-saber a grim streak of pearly red death. The clash was like a thunder-clap and suddenly the darkling’s blade was slowly cutting through an invisible bubble that Vader calmly stood under. The darkling was channeling all his rage, all his might, all his power.

RRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” screamed the obviously outmatched darkling, until his blade was almost to Vader’s shoulder when it disengaged in a puff of mist. The darkling fell to his knees at Vader’s feet in a haze of sweat half-clutching his saber.

“Shwooo-Shhhhh, weak,” with a flash of his arm Vader’s saber was an extension of himself. Vader’s beam pointed at Huey next, “Shwooo-Shhhh,” and the man at Vader’s feet fell into two solid chunks on the floor.

Huey balanced himself and watched the Black Knight, but Vader was a statue. Tossing his saber from hand to hand Girber Drolz-Ee flanked the Sith Lord, snickering under his breath. The two Jedi began to back up between a captivated darkling and Durbsto Pilm.

“Shwooo-Shhhh, if you run you will make it worse,” Vader stepped up to Huey and engaged him. The younger man defended himself brashly and went for a quick cut offense, but was riposted on Vader’s end and then impaled through the heart.

Vader pulled his blade out of Huey’s torso. Huey fell back on to the ground and became motionless. The other three attacked simultaneously when Ab-ceez grabbed Keoda and hauled him off into the darkness away from the dark-siders.

“Keoda, this whole thing was a trap. How foolish I have been. We should have never came.” Ab-ceez stopped after a brief distance when the sounds of battle had faded. “You must go Keoda, if there is one thing I am sure of it is that Vader does not know of your potential yet. If I can help it he never will.”

“Master Anaree we can still make it out of here, we can escape!”

“No Padawan, you must know. I would have run you through your trials two years ago. You are ready to become a knight, and so, I leave you with this.”

Ab-ceez removed his thick brown rough-spun Jedi robe. Folding it gently into a square he handed it to his Padawan. Keoda reached out and took his Master’s robe amidst the darkness and bracken of Dathomir.

“It’s not like graduation used to be on Coruscant, but I want you to know that the council would have been proud to have you. The service of your courage and intuition at my side these past years since you’ve grown have been instructive to me as well.”

Ab-ceez had Keoda take a knee, “Keodo Bad-Irdo. I, Master Ab-ceez Anaree, make due to the knowledge of the last of the council that you are as of now no longer Padawan, but Jedi. Rise as a servant of the light.”

Keoda stood. Together they walked back to where they had parked. A small squad of Imperial Scout-Troopers were camped around the Fire Talon. A couple were talking briefly on comms, while the other couple looked after their scout-swoops not far off.

Ab-ceez looked at Keoda, “We must flee here, but if Vader is to appear, I would not have him see you. Remain hidden.”

Ab-ceez approached the scouts alone. His light-saber at hand, but not yet ignited. When the troopers saw him they immediately drew their weapons on him. Ab-ceez activated his blade and stood his ground holding his blade in front of him.

“A Jedi on Dathomir! Vader would be most pleased, get him!” shouted their commander.

Blaster bolts cooked the air around the old Jedi, but not a hit was made. Deflecting them into the woods, Ab-ceez managed to cross-trace the scout troops positions and triangulate their blasts to disable one another. All the while Keoda snuck behind them and entered the Fire Talon. When only one scout-trooper was left standing the man fled to his bike and swooped off into the darkness of Dathomir.

As Anaree listened to the sound of the swoop growing ever smaller, Keoda was at the Fire Talon’s bridge already harnessing the hyper-engine for a tweaked and super fast flight out. Keoda moved swiftly in the cock-pit, to the point that his attention was only directed at buttons for the next minute. When he looked up again to see where his Master had gone, he didn’t have to look far.

Ab-ceez Anaree was squared off with Darth Vader. A blue beam and a red beam, just like the time when he found him on Rodia. Anticipating a victory Keoda watched for a brief moment, but the kill was quick. In a matter of three lightning-flash fast moves, his master’s head was rolling towards the ship. Vader merely watched the lopped limb come to rest.

Keoda closed the docking ramp, revved the engine to it’s maximum intra-atmosphere speed and made a short-jump out of the system. Dathomir continued to spin, and off the edge appearing on the other side of the planet, a long and deadly tooth of a ship could be seen – with one shuttle returning to dock from the dead planet’s surface.

Part III: Save the Planet, Saves the Galaxy…

Keoda Bad-Irdo

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