Alyx Triani AKA: 'Trick'

A highly skilled bounty hunter famously operating throughout Hutt Space.


You don’t know much. ‘Trick’ as you soon find her nickname to be, has a pretty long, one track record of being a fast acting bounty hunter. She appeared in Hutt Space about 5 years ago, and immediately started cleaning up. She has taken down some of the Hutts enemies, and word on the street is she is half bounty hunter, half assassin.

In the darker corners of seedier bars, there are whispers she used to work with I.S.S. as a member of BlackOps;

Just like Carson.

At the start of the Dark Places Campaign, Trick is going by the name Alyx Triani, and after dodging a bounty placed on her by the Empire, finds herself caught up in a plot to uncover the schemes a rouge Imperial captain with a penchant for slaving.

What her connection is to the captain is unknown, but Trick is currently traveling with Ruun and Kreiton aboard the (whatever the fuck it’s called)

Sal: “She tried to trail me, we found her. She tried to fight me and ended up running. Hell she even fell for the ol Let’s-Stop-Fighting-and-Deal trick … TWICE. She’s got a solid reputation and she’s well equipped. More over, she doesn’t seem to have much ego. Seems more concerned with getting paid than any sense of duty or honor. I like the kind of person I can understand – especially one I’m smarter than.”

H1-R0: This “Trick,” (an obvious alias: real name must be uncovered) is skilled in her occupation, far moreso than most sapients in her profession. She is intelligent, and unlike many sapients on Nar Shadaa, she does not let her ego get in the way of business. Twice she was willing to stop fighting and make a deal, even though she was the one on the defense. Sal calls this stupid, but I simply think it is good business. She calculated her odds of killing us both and taking the bounty for herself, and even though the odds were probably rather good, she did what was the better business decision and tried negotiating. She could be a useful contact in the future, especially if Sal is able to restrain himself from trying to trick her again. The rumors that she used to be black ops are also something to keep in mind when dealing with her, if she ever does get angry, it could be a lot of trouble.

Price: High. If half this girls reputation is true, she’s not cheap. She has done some heavy work for Gorba of late, and she throws him a bone sometimes just to keep him happy.

Vice: Unknown.


Alyx Triani AKA: 'Trick'

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