Carson Black

Carson is a former operative in the Imperial Secret Service, and operates as an Agent of the Corellian Brotherhood. Carson is ambitious and eager to move up the ladder; at any cost.


Carson Black is a well known sight around Nar Shaddaa, especially in the Corellian Sector. Working under the rank of Agent in the smuggler cooperative the Corellian Brotherhood. Agents in the brotherhood are part assassin, part police officer. They are charged with matters of the uppermost importance and given, by their organizational heads, permission to do anything to get the job done; whatever the job may be.

On Nar Shaddaa, only the Hutt themselves represent a more powerful public organization than The Brotherhood, and that makes Carson a powerful man, with many contacts and deep resources.

UPDATE: At the start of the Dark Places campaign, Carson Black’s whereabouts are unknown. After his failed coup to take over the Cornelian Brotherhood for Black Sun, Carson was either killed by H1-R0 and Sal, or he disappeared quite effectivly.

There is a rumor Carson survived his ordeal, and currently seeks revenge on the private eyes who ruined his carefully laid plans.

Sal: You have worked with Carson more than once. He pays well, he’s not a Hutt, and he doesn’t mince words. You don’t trust him by a long shot, and you know he’d sell you out if he thought it would accomplish the Brotherhoods ends; or his own. He’s not a person you would go to for help, but when he walks in, you know that heavy work comes with him. Carson’s reputation is as a hard man, a killer, and an absolute threat in any situation hes involved in.
Stay alert and keep your mouth shut, and things have always turned out well. You don’t what to imagine what Carson will do if they don’t.

H1-R0: Carson Black isn’t his real name. He lies, a lot, and he isn’t trying to hide that fact. Hes powerfully built, and although you haven’t seen it, his eye movements, and generalized demeanor suggest a quick, calculated individual hiding deep capability. Sal sometimes takes on his cases because it’s big money, but you could do with never seeing this guy again.

Price: None; Carson has never helped you in any way other than his own cases, and you can’t imagine anything he would ever want in return.

Vice: Unknown. Whatever weakness Carson may indulge in his free time, you aren’t aware of it.

Carson Black

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