Rio's Log Episode III

The Way

The heroes, along with Alyx, infiltrated an Imperial base on Toydaria. The base, due to the demands of the Rebellion, was understaffed, and the trio, disguised as civilian contractors delivering speed bike parts, were able to decode the information Alyx stole from the wrecked Star Destroyer, after a brief battle with the garrison.

Armed with the final coordinates, presumed to be the location of the rouge Imperial captain, the trio prepare for a final Journey together.

What Alyx’s motivations are, none can say, but Ruun and Kreiton seek to improve their fortunes, and the plunder of an Imperial captain turned Pirate King could mean the difference between a life on the rim, and a life in core world luxury,

Rewards: 2,500 XP, as well as stolen Imperial goods, including two crates of E-11 blaster rifles (totaling 40 rifles with two power packs each) as well as 20 Stormtrooper belts complete with thermal detonators, and ten detonate demolitions charges, all military grade.



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