Rio's Log Episode II


The Crew took Alyx to the coordinates she gave them, and it was indeed a celestial gravesite, littered with the detritus of a massive starship engagement in deep space.
Their investigation found that the one of the Star Destroyers was almost fully intact, but had a leaking fusion drive core. After restoring some power, Triani went to the bridge to try to salvage the coordinates of the ships destination; the location she presumes to be the the final location of the aggressor in the battle.

The hero’s found a large stash of Imperial weapons and equipment, but before the salvage proper had even begun, a large Rodian vessel marked with a black flag arrived, and dispatched assault craft. Hiding their own vessel in the hallowed out section of the Star Destroyer that once contained the now jettisoned drive core, the trio was able to escape with only a single crate of proton torpedoes after a brief encounter with the pirates.

Once the battle was over and the ship in hyperspace, Alyx explained that nearly ten years ago, a rouge Imperial captain had amassed his own loyal flotilla, and began pillaging the outer rim for slaves, slaves that he was rumored in the underworld to me using on a mysterious world for reasons unknown.

The final encounter between this captain and the Imperial naval expedition tasked with subduing him ended in a battle that became the ship graveyard the heroes had just fled. Officially, the rouge captain was killed and his fleet destroyed, but Alyx believes his death was faked, and the remains seemed to support her theory,

She now wishes to decode the information she salvaged from the derelict ship, and find out why the former Imperial captain was amassing slaves, and what they were doing on that distant and mysterious world.

Rewards: The crew each revised 1500XP, and a case (six) of military grade proton torpedoes which they sold.



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