Nar Shadaa

Encyclopedia Imperious Circa: 25251 CSC

Entry: 67A-2126: Habited Planet Moons: Nar Shaddaa

Location: 1186.32.98

Age: Aprox. 6 billion years, CSC

Population: unknown, estimated 72-91 Billion sentient

Government: Independent Senatorial Monarch governed by an elected Marquis, heavily influenced by Huttese politics.


Nar Shaddaa is the largest moon of the planet Nal Hutta, adopted homeworld of the species Hutt. Uninhabited until the Hutt exodus from Varl in 10053CSC, the invaders forced Nal Huttas original inhabitants, the Evocii, to leave the planet and make their home on Nar Shaddaa. Although the Ecovii settled peacefully, and began building trade stops and spaceports to accommodate the ever growing Galactic Republic, the Hutt soon annexed the satellite, and forced the Evocii into slave labor, continuing their work building up trade facilities and ports.
During this time, Nar Shaddaa rivaled even Coruscant as a center for galactic trade, and the furious need for facilities and housing eventually engulfed the small moon, and construction began moving skyward. Over the centuries, the planet would become a tangle of durasteel, as each generation built on top of the last.

By 21000CSC, trade routes shifted away from Nar Shaddaa, leaving the once prosperous moon, built to accommodate fleets of ships and trade, desolate of traffic and influence. Thus began the transformation from ‘Nar Shaddaa’ proper, to the now common nickname, the Smugglers Moon. The facilities, lack of formalized government, levels of sheltered under sprawl, and a robust defense system resulted in pirates, smugglers, free merchants and generalized lawlessness descending upon the city.

Today, with the exception of a large Imperial TIE facility, there is almost no presence of formal law enforcement. The moon still houses some of the galaxies most notorious crime families and smuggler cooperatives, and is a favorite spot for smugglers and pirates alike, seeking both asylum and employment.

Nar Shadaa

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