Huttese Political Structure

The Hutt have expanded a vast Empire rivaled by few in known space. The species itself utilizes a highly evolved tribal structure, wherein various Hutt Families govern each world within Hutt Space directly, keeping all revenue aside from modest taxes paid to the Capital, Nal Hutta.

Nal Hutta itself is governed by the ten most powerful Hutt matriarchs and patriarchs. They manage most Hutt business that takes place outside the empire, and are supported internally from taxes (called Tribute) levied throughout their territory.

Officially, the Hutt are a Corporate Enterprise Governance, although they manifest this as powerful crime families dealing to Republic and, most recently, Imperial citizens. Hutt Space itself is a haven for all sort of vice, and Citizens of non-Hutt worlds enjoy laxed regulations, law enforcement, and a non extradition planets (although the Empire has paid handsomely to station several facilities in Hutt space, and regularly enforce their laws in those immediate areas)

The Huttese ‘Senate’ (internally known as Deakon’s) elect Marquis to govern their satellite worlds and “colonies,” but they retain very little independence, and rarely challenge Hutt rule for fear of serious repercussion.

The Hutt often maintain Colony worlds only to keep homeworlds clean of traditional crime, instead dealing on colonies supposedly governed by independent bodies.

Huttese Political Structure

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