Rio's Log Episode V
A Lighted Path

After Krieton and Ruun destroyed the ancient Starforge, the duo and myself retreated back to the Yavin system with the Rebel Alliance. There, we played a minor role in the destruction of and Imperial superweapon known as the Death Star.

After the battle, we fled with the Alliance as they base hopped throughout the galaxy, and the Alliance helped us repair the new vessel we liberated from the Starforge.

Sensing the desperate state of the Alliance, Krieton and Ruun decided to leave the rebels for now, and we returned to Dravos to investigate the temples where the ancient and encoded star maps were found.

After activating the temples power supply, a legion of hostile droids came to life and began a grim work. Following the droids trail deep, deep into te planets crust, we were faced with the slaughter of an entire civilization, where the dead had been impaled on long and tall pikes, a grim displayed fossilized and ominous.

More ominous still, the heart of the facility housed a great and strange sacrificial alter that acted as a massive computer of some kind, and a member of the Sith race, a Massassi warrior who claimed to be eons trapped there by the fell magics of the ancient Sith, decoded the charts, and claimed they led to the ancient homeworld of the Massassi, older even than Koroban.

The Warrior, calling himself Vorunn, told us that now that civilization was on the verge of discovering the Sith temple, he would take matters into his own hands. While he seemed not to care about giving us the coordinates of the homeworld, as we fled the system, some power greater than I have ever known pulled the planet apart in a matter of hours.

Casualties were in the tens of millions, and Dravos is currently a wide brushstroke of pulverized rock and frozen steel.

We make our way to the mysterious world whose location we paid a heavy price to learn.

Rio's Log Episode IV
Heart of Fire

Alyx, Krieton, and Ruun, following the coordinates they decoded at the imperial base, discovered the dark secret the the rouge captain was hiding.

It was a StarForge.

The massive factory, built by the ancients, was capable of churning out any number of ships and weapons with immense precision and speed, and he was building an army for his Mandilorian mercenaries. Realizing that escape from the system was impossible, the hero’s managed to board the device by sneaking onto an imperial convoy. Once aboard, they split up.

Ruun went to the core, where after a brief battle, he managed to destabilize the facilities massive intake valve as it gathered energy and materials from the dying star bellow.

Meanwhile, Krieton managed to steal a ship that the forge had built eons ago, but not before boarding a massive, ancient dreadnought, aiming it at the facilities intake vent, and powering up the engines. After a fight in the control tower, Ruun and Alyx defeated the crew, and Kreiton picked them up, and escaped the system before the impact of the dreadnought, combined with the crippled core of the facility, collapsed it into the surface of the sun, and sent the star into supernova.

Rewards: 5,000 XP, as well as a new vessel, an ancient Crescent- X9, and 50,000 credits from a grateful Rebel Alliance.
Her job done, Alyx said goodbye to Krieton and Ruun. The duo now have a well equipped vessel, as well as some new friends, and a pocket full of credits.
They can only hope that the mysterious Imperial Captain, who they never actually encountered, is forever disarmed, and no longer a threat, if indeed he is still alive.

Rio's Log Episode III
The Way

The heroes, along with Alyx, infiltrated an Imperial base on Toydaria. The base, due to the demands of the Rebellion, was understaffed, and the trio, disguised as civilian contractors delivering speed bike parts, were able to decode the information Alyx stole from the wrecked Star Destroyer, after a brief battle with the garrison.

Armed with the final coordinates, presumed to be the location of the rouge Imperial captain, the trio prepare for a final Journey together.

What Alyx’s motivations are, none can say, but Ruun and Kreiton seek to improve their fortunes, and the plunder of an Imperial captain turned Pirate King could mean the difference between a life on the rim, and a life in core world luxury,

Rewards: 2,500 XP, as well as stolen Imperial goods, including two crates of E-11 blaster rifles (totaling 40 rifles with two power packs each) as well as 20 Stormtrooper belts complete with thermal detonators, and ten detonate demolitions charges, all military grade.

Rio's Log Episode II

The Crew took Alyx to the coordinates she gave them, and it was indeed a celestial gravesite, littered with the detritus of a massive starship engagement in deep space.
Their investigation found that the one of the Star Destroyers was almost fully intact, but had a leaking fusion drive core. After restoring some power, Triani went to the bridge to try to salvage the coordinates of the ships destination; the location she presumes to be the the final location of the aggressor in the battle.

The hero’s found a large stash of Imperial weapons and equipment, but before the salvage proper had even begun, a large Rodian vessel marked with a black flag arrived, and dispatched assault craft. Hiding their own vessel in the hallowed out section of the Star Destroyer that once contained the now jettisoned drive core, the trio was able to escape with only a single crate of proton torpedoes after a brief encounter with the pirates.

Once the battle was over and the ship in hyperspace, Alyx explained that nearly ten years ago, a rouge Imperial captain had amassed his own loyal flotilla, and began pillaging the outer rim for slaves, slaves that he was rumored in the underworld to me using on a mysterious world for reasons unknown.

The final encounter between this captain and the Imperial naval expedition tasked with subduing him ended in a battle that became the ship graveyard the heroes had just fled. Officially, the rouge captain was killed and his fleet destroyed, but Alyx believes his death was faked, and the remains seemed to support her theory,

She now wishes to decode the information she salvaged from the derelict ship, and find out why the former Imperial captain was amassing slaves, and what they were doing on that distant and mysterious world.

Rewards: The crew each revised 1500XP, and a case (six) of military grade proton torpedoes which they sold.

Rio's Log Episode I

After several months of wandering, and abandoning Drexel on Narr Shaddaa, the hero’s accepted a bounty contract for the capture of Alyx Triani, a human female with special forces training. The contract specified her crime only as “theft,” and was set at five thousand credits.
Both the Empire and the Hutt would honor the contract, suggesting there was more to the transgression than meets the eye.
Having located Triani, the crew tracked her to a refugee ship headed to the planet Dravos.
On arriving, they followed the target to an industrial park, and after a botched attempt to sneak into the facility, attempted to storm it.
Triani proved a tough target, but in the end, she was captured, and the crews IPKC license warned off the corporate security around Triani, and they let Krieton and Ruun take her.
Initially they sought to turn her in for the bounty, but Alyx convinced the duo that both the Empire and the Hutt simply wanted information she possessed regarding a fixed position in space containing the shattered remains of a starship engagement.
Triani convinced them that the wreckage would contain hard imperial credits, saying the only reason she was at the corporate offices on Dravos in the first place was to hire a ship to go there.
For salvage rights, the crew has decided to take Triani to her battlefield.

Rewards: No monetary reward was gained. Although Triani is worth five thousand imperial credits, the crew has elected to take her information as payment, and salvage what they can from the mysterious wreckage she has promised them.

XP: 2,000 points, for a combination of time passed between games, and Triani being and exceptionally difficult target.

Dark Places Episode 0 - Rio's log; archive summery one

Systems check; complete.
Viral contamination; none
Complete. System active. Queuing data…
File corruption, data incomplete, company profile nets down.
Codes missing.
Data flush.
System active.
System archive feature active, current status as follows; data specifics attached.
System reactivated after 86,752 days (CS) by Chiss, designation Krieton. Krieton and associates, designation Ruun and Drexel, hired by Crios Minerals Conglomerate to investigate ruined Demea Astrogation and Expansion research facility. Having found the facility in the jungle, the trio discovered relevant Astrogation data and a cash of raw mineral ore valued at 122,000 credits (republic) converted via extranet, 108,000.

Having found the valuables, the team also discovered that something had been stolen from the dormant droid mind of the facility, and stolen quite recently. File number 11987728 – 11989922.

Data corrupted or missing.

Determined to capitalize on their windfall, the three agents stole the raw ore, and the coded flimsy astrogation charts, and a chemical rocket suborbital.
After landing near the primary city, we found outbound interstellar traffic under quarantine, and a small fleet of probable Imperial origin the cause of the lockdown.
Krieton and Ruunn sold some of the ore (diamonds) and then sought a way off world, discovering a bounty placed on a Human was the cause of the lockdown.

Heavily armed troops displaying Madalorian Markings apprehended them both. Drexel went into hiding.

What follows is supposition, as I was left to guard the hidden stash of ore and the starcharts:

It seems the Ruun and Krieton accepted a bounty on the pair of beings who had stolen the data in the bases dormant droid mind before they got there.

After a ruse involving a trip to the mining asteroids space station, they gathered evidence of the targets location, and surmised their mostly likely method of a escape; tricking or paying off the stations salvage yard into assembling a functional ship from random pieces to avoid detection.

After finding the ship, Krieton and Ruun captured the targets and turned them over to the Imperial fleet commander. Stolen Data is said to be a weapon, although no corroborating data exists.

The subjects captured, the quarantine was lifted, and Krieton, Ruun, Drexel and myself left the system.

Following the adventure, the crew obtained and IBOS for their ship, and then attempted a smuggling run without the aid of Drexel, while they left on Narr Shadda for the run.

After bribing Hutt “inspectors,” the duo was double crossed and had to fight their way out of a boarding.

The goods were delivered, but the profit margins were slim.

Rewards: The bounty was paid in 30,000 credits cash. The ship assembled by the target was also minimally repaired and the team was allowed to keep it. It still lacks a transponder IBOS transmitter, but is spaceworthy.
Plus and extra 1,000 XP for the bonus mission.

XP: 4,000 (over three games)

Episode I
New Man

Summary: Having turned over a new leaf, Sal has become a (mostly) responsible business man who is on the up and up, and (mostly) sober. He is locked in an Imperial quarantine on the planet Kallenko, when he meets up with an eccentric and desperate Rodian named Keoda. Sal soon learns that Keoda is in fact the reason for the lockdown and the manhunt, and he soon finds out why; Keoda used to be a Jedi.
Keoda and Sal manage to maneuver themselves into a position where they have clearance to get off world with a ‘perishable goods’ cargo manifest, and after an extremely close shave with a local thief and four noisy Imperials, the No Man’s Servant II sails past the blockade and out for the safety of the black.
Whatever comes next, Sal’s stint on the ‘up and up’ may be coming to an end.

Broken Pieces
The Grand Conspiracy

The Corellian Brotherhood was destroyed.

What had started out as a series of cases, and a quiet life on a tiny moon had become so much more. Carson Black, a former Agent in the Brotherhood crime syndicate was in fact an agent of the Imperial Secret Service; a simple, official sounding name that covered all manner of sins.

Interlude: Insurance

The insurance business is a scam.

Back when they took a part of my paycheck and contributed it to my CorSec health insurance plan, I didn’t really think about it and used it slightly less. In the greater galaxy, there is little actual insurance though some slick bankers will try to tell you otherwise. Just save your money for a rainy day, that’s what Uncle Sal says.

I’d spent the better part of a cycle kicking around the Mid and Outer Rims trying to scrape together enough work to keep the Servant flying. The results were mixed. We were grounded a few times when something or other broke, but we always made do. As I’ve often said, someone somewhere needs help getting rid of their extra credits.

Crosser's Log #3

Much has changed.

We finally arrived on Coruscant and there, among the great city rising from the plains and forests, we met with the Council. Rasha and I presented Kazem’s notes and Saber, as well as Senator Kern’s crest and the gauntlet we retrieved from Hadrian IV. The mood was dark and, after some back-and-forth with Senior Councilor Pellius regarding whether or not one should delve into the dark side to learn its weapons and methods, we were sent away.


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