Casefil #003

Client Name: Jorrus Glint

Case Description: We just had a big payday, so yes, I took H1-R0 and we went shopping. That isn’t important though, what is important is what happened when we got back.Evidently, a courier came by the shop and left a flimsy on the door, it read ‘interested in hiring you, money for us both; meet me at the Smoking Blaster.’ It was signed Jorrus Glint. It strikes me as odd here; we rob the guy, steal his slaves, then he wants to hire us? I suspect it’s a trap, but hes an accpountant; maybe hes just looking at the numbers. Were heading down there tonight, H1-R0 will be there for backup. We’ll see what happens.

Update:It’s a heist. Jorrus wants us to steal a shipment of currency coming from Nal Hutta. Currency belonging to his employers, the Corellian Brotherhood. It’s awkward, to say the least.

Casefile #002
The Favor

Client Name: Carson Black. Fuck.

Case description: One cycle. ONE cycle later, and Black comes in calling in his favor for hooking me up with the information on Gia. I need to start dodging this guy. Anyway, he’s looking for a droid, specifically a droids processor, specifically a Pin number ON the processor, and yet more specifically, the Pin on a processor of a H1-XX model… Just like H1-R0. Evidently, these droids were a limited run, very very rare. What they did was work on high profile cases, and when they did they had special drives inserted into them. Now the drive contained ALL information pertaining to a case for analysis by the droid, testimony and the like. SO once the case was over, or when they weren’t working on it, the drive was ejected and the droid had no knowledge of the case, so no one one could steal it or anything. Well, IF somehow the droid still gets iced, another H1-XX model can read the droids Pin, and then access the information. Other than that, it’s near impossible to get at the info on the drive. Carson has a drive he wants looked at, and if I can find the other droid, nab him Pin so H1-R0 can read the drive, then I make a cool 5K credits. I guess these droids used to be licensed, but now that they aren’t used anymore, they are getting junked. Skies, I need to write this all down just to keep it straight.

Casefile #001

Client Name: Dawn, no last name given

Case description: Dawn is a member of the ‘Broken Sky Sisterhood’ and one of her sisters was evidently taken by pirates, and sold into slavery. Girl seems to have quite a bit of cash, claims she spent most of it figuring out where this Gia gal was, and bad luck for her, it’s Nar Shaddaa.


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