Antique Research and Assistant Droid, designation "Rio"


Research model One, unit 00, or “Rio,” for crew members, is a science and helper droid from a research institute now nearly two hundred years gone. Rio has had his core processes altered so that he views the sentients who activated him after centuries of hibernation as his owners, and, according to Drex, possess some (at the time) cutting edge heuristics.

Price: Rio has no price, and belongs to the players, although no former receipt of sale exists, there will be no trouble forging one in the unlikely event the authorities ask.
Rio will do anything the characters ask, within the limitations of his programming.

Vice: According to Drexel, Rio did ask for access to the local planetary net via his datapad, and the slicer claims that the advanced heuristics installed aid research scientist by creating a strong mirror of the desire emotion where data is concerned.
This is stronger than the mimicked feeling most droid motivations mirror, typically circling around weighted gains and loss analysis.
A more in depth investigation would be necessary to fully understand the processes, but put simply, it seems that Rio craves data and understanding the same way sentient beings crave food or sex.



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