Drexel Amerscore

Cyber Mercenary and Corporate Slicer


Drexel has a long history with the holonet, and his frequent trips swimming through it’s interface shows on waxy, pale skin. Like some of his interconnected brethren, Drexel has had cybernetic links installed to interface with computer systems directly. While thought controlled computing is still a scientific theory, Drexel expands his screen to encompass the world around him with the jacks protruding from the back of his head.

Anti-social, painfully blunt, bordering on cruel, and hopelessly meek in the real world, Drexel is highly competent as a slicer. He claims to have hacked the Holonet (although that has yet to be substantiated) and has proven more than competent in systems intrusions, even against corporate droid minds.
He’s glad to have gotten off Asteroid 667181-B, and seems content to hang around as long as he has a reliable connection to local planetary nets.

Price: Drexel knows his value as a hacker, but he also knows there are others out there like him, and he doesn’t seem to be unreasonable in his preferred percentage. He relishes privacy above all, and tends to keep to himself.

Vice: Drexel will drink, and carries around a small pipe commonly used for smoking low grade varieties of spice, but his real addiction is wire want. Drexel never asks anything beyond if a destination will have a reliable connection to local datanet feeds. There is a possibility with ‘jack in computing’ of developing true ‘wire want,’ an addiction to the steady stream of data provided by access feeds, which makes the practice uncommon, and it is not impossible Drexel suffers from this, although he seems to have a lid on it for the time being.

Drexel Amerscore

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