Leader of the 'Thee Shades of Black,' Max is a borged out merc who doesn't like to talk, and doesn' mind the killing he does.


You don’t know who Max is. He claims he doesn’t have ‘much’ of an affiliation with the Empire, although he wears the specialized armor of a stormtroopers. He doesn’t strike either of you as a brain, this one is muscle, and he reports to someone else.

He has cybernetic implants that seem to make him blank and dull in conversation. You haven’t seen what they do in combat. With any luck, you won’t see this guy again.


H1-R0: My interaction with the human who calls himself ‘Max’ was brief, but telling. He wears Stormtrooper armor, though claims to have no relation to the Imperial Army. This is possible, but suspicious that a human would wear armor so despised almost universally across Nar Shadaa and the surrounding systems. This could mean a distinct disdain for non-human life, or a rather inward mind completely ignorant of others reactions. A third option could be that he is completely aware of the reaction his armor provokes in most sentients, and likes to exploit it. Further observation is required to determine this to any degree of certainty.

Most intriguing is the cybernetics he has installed in the back of his skull. I am running a comparison on military cybernetics employed by the Imperial Army to determine the exact function, but thus far have had no matches. Most likely it is non-military combat cybernetics running some sort of tactical software. His personality seems to be withdrawn, probably due to the software that he employs which may alter his brain chemistry. I will continue to run a search program to obtain the exact make and model of the implant, which should tell us a great deal about this individual.

Hopefully we will not have to deal with him too often. While he does not seem overtly hostile, he is not even remotely friendly. He is trusting though, as if he were taking orders from a superior officer. He is a soldier, there is little doubt of that. Threat Assessment: High.

Price: Not for sale. Max made it pretty clear hes not looking for work, and you have no way to contact him.

Vice: Unknown. Although, he seems to have some pretty heavy cybernetics installed in his head, and that may be something that could be exploited.


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