Jorus Glint

A self described 'Accountant' for the Corellian Brotherhood, Jorus does little more than collect a large percentage, and clean up financial messes that are rarely his fault


Jorus is a glorified beekeeper. As long as the swarm of accounts and values he is in charge of keep producing profits, no one from the brotherhood even talks to him. When someone is stupid enough to steal from them, or some insider just fucked up a payment, he gets angry comm in the middle of the ‘night’ and has to go fix it.

Fortunately, that rarely happen. This allows Jorus both time, and money. He has quite a few side businesses going on and off world, and his position and power have somewhat corrupted him, giving into long bouts of drug abuse and the purchasing of slaves to slag his lust.

Sal: “These types are littered throughout the galaxy – rich stiff with a head for numbers and a heart for vice. Leanin’ on ‘ems no good since they only know the law, but apply a little chin music and they crumble. This particular egg-head likes to lock up girls and have his naughty with ’em. I got no stomach for this type, and less patience. At least with a Hutt you know they’re only after your money.”

H1-R0: After cataloging everything in his security terminal that wasn’t under restricted access, it is fairly easy to say that this human is a rather predictable individual. He has what Sal calls “a head for numbers,” which I personally find insulting. The man scores above the human average for mathematical aptitude, but I remain unimpressed. He is a glorified accountant, and is only useful when there is a technical problem that the Brotherhood doesn’t trust a droid to handle. He has what is considered a rather perverse interest in females of various humanoid species, and has actually gone so far as to build a secret slave pit in his apartment. His respect for sapient life is exceedingly low, a result of a mostly useless lifestyle. He is not worth devoting much memory to, threat assessment is low.

Price: You have never asked for this mans help, but he is so wealth you imagine it’s high, and likely, impossible. With Jorus, your looking at blackmail or trade.

Vice: Women, drugs. The tale-tell paraphernalia, and small spice jars were neatly located all about his house, and the far away look ion his eyes let you know he was on something, and it was heavy. The secret rooms that contained sex slaves tipped you off to his penchant for women.

Jorus Glint

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