Memeber of the BrokenSky Sisterhood, Dawn hired Sal to find her sistser, Gia.


You two know almost nothing about Dawn, and really, that’s fine. She wears the white cloak of the BrokenSky, and paid in cash. She said she had lost her sister to slavers, and and been exhausting her small fortune in finding her. When she tracked her buyers to Nal Hutta, she came across Flex, and he gave her Sal’s name.

Happily for her, Sal came through and even went the extra mile to free her sister from captivity, knowing that no local authority would recognize her sisters right to be free. Today, it is assumed Dawn and Gia have left world to return to their sisterhood.

Sal: Some dumb bird, ‘went and got her and her sister in a heap of trouble. Hopefully, I’ve seen the last of these two."

H1-R0: Her species is quite fascinating from a biological point of view. I have very little information in my memory banks on them, and there is even less in the systems I have queried on Nar Shadaa. If one were to compare their physical characteristics though, they seem to be distant cousins of the Arkanian offshoots. This Dawn, specifically, is rather less interesting. She is exceedingly naive, and from my assessments does not seem terribly bright. It is good that we convinced her to leave, I did not give her good chances for survival if she stayed onworld.

Price: Moral. She seems loaded, but she’s also a helper, and trying to better the universe she is in. If you needed her to help out, she would certainly be happy to help the guy who saved her sister, but shes not going to cross any lines here.

Vice: Her ‘sisters.’ Dawn was willing to spend all her money, and risk her life on Nar Shaddaa
for the slightest chance of finding Gia. Both Sal and H1-R0 get the impression she would do that for just about any member of the order.


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