Chyane Goldstar

A houseslave for a well connected memeber of the Corellian Brotherhood, Chyane was recently freed by Sal and H1-R0, and today acts as their secretary while she gets her life together.


Chyane doesn’t know a whole lot about her past. She was sold into slavery almost 4 years ago, when she was only 18, after waking up in a hospital on Nal Hutta with no memory of her past, and has been one ever since. She has had two masters in her time, but the past few years years has acted as a personal servant and sex slave for a scumbag Corellian Brotherhood accountant. He treated her as well as she could have expected, and really she is surprisingly well adjusted for the life she has lead.

Her attitude and ‘easy come easy go’ demeanor seem to be something of a coping mechanism, a survival method for the terrible things done to her in her very young life.

Sal: “I couldn’t stand to let the poor thing become another statistic. Besides, if Jorrus ever decided to get revenge, there’d be a dumb kid out there roaming around with my face and name in her head – more than enough for a guy like Jorrus to track me down. At least this way I can keep an eye on her. Besides, sometimes having a pretty face up front brings in the business. At least, it’ll put people at ease enough for me to get the drop on ’em.”

H1-R0: She is not nearly as efficient as I am. Even if I only spend 1 hour out of every 50, I am 58% more efficient than she is in an entire day. Also, she is doing the menial work that I was just about to automate with some simple software scripts, which I may program anyways just in case. She is pretty though, according to the majority of organic study, and as such could be useful as the first image a potential client comes into contact with, subtly influencing their easily manipulated psychology. And now I can spend that extra hour in the casino, increasing my income by 9% on average. It was a good idea to hire her.

Price: Free. There isn’t a lot she can do for the agency, but what she can, she will. She owes Sal and H1-R0 her freedom, and is too happy to help.

Vice: unknown.

Chyane Goldstar

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