Mercer was an enforcer for a crime syndicate; Sal knew him in the joint and they werent friends. At all.


Mercer got off of ‘06’ and started back on his bad habits. He traveled around Hutt space for a few cycles, then got into merc work and gun running. Most recently, Mercer ripped off a shipment of Spice from Pezz the Hutt, Gorbas cousin. He narrowly escaped the famous bounty hunter known as ‘Trick’ with the help of his old cellmate Sal.

Mercer was last seen attempting to get off world with the “Broken Sky Sisterhood.”

Sal: “Dumb and strong. I don’t care if we did do a stint together, that don’t make him a friend and it don’t make him worth my time. His credits, on the other hand …”

H1-R0: Sapient Mercer is useful, to an extent. He is a weapon. Fire and forget. After our last two cases, I did a simple combat readiness analysis, factoring in statistics such as equipment, training, Sal’s physical condition (I still posit that he smokes too much), and my own programming and physical frame (which is in sore need of upgrade). The results were… disturbing. A Sapient like Mercer would shore up our larger disadvantages, but would also create additional problems. It is a gamble to use him. The odds of him being useful rather than dangerous in any situation range from 1:2 in favor to 8:1 against. It’s not a smart bet, but sometimes one must lose a few before winning it big.

Price: Free. Mercer owes you, big time. Chances are you wont see him again, but if you do, hes in your pocket, and he knows it.

Vice: Crime. He always looks for the easy way out in life, and that usually makes him do dumb things; like ripping off powerful Hutt crime bosses in their own system. Stuff like that…


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