Marquis Calvin Darklighter

[DECEASED] Calvin Darklighter is the newly appointed Marquis of Nar Shaddaa, his main function serving as a liaison between the moon and the Hutt.


Calvin Darklighter comes from a small farming family on Tatooine. He attended the Imperial Navel Academy, failed out almost immediately, and found himself selling drugs on Nar Shaddaa. Durring this time, Darklighter was making a name for himself within the Hutt syndicate, the ‘Chosen Few.’

Darklighter spent only a few years there, but advanced quickly with a very logical, no ego sense of organization and management. Not too long ago, the former Marquis of the moon, Kix Slo, was assassinated when he tried to form a satellite wide police force that answered only to him. The Hutt, afraid that the immediate successors may try the same scheme, appointed Darklighter to the position because of his relative obscurity and history of loyalty.

UPFATE: Calvin was assassinated by Carson Black in an attempt to destabilize the government of Narr Shaddaa and make way for a Black Sun takeover of the Corellian Brotherhoods territory.

Sal: You have met Darklighter a few times, but only before he became Marquis. Back when he was a drug dealer, you have him on pay role for a while during a case you were on. He was happy to make some extra coin giving you information about the people he sold to, and he actually lead to the guy you were looking for. He’s pretty smart, but suffers social ineptitude, and he has absolutely no ego, which really is why the Hutt must like him. He is going to make a perfect Marquis; the kind that does absolutely nothing.

H1-R0: You had to follow Calvin around one night for Sal, acting like his property and taking ‘customer’ information. He said maybe two words to you the whole time. You get the feeling he doesn’t love droids, he just thinks of them as a means t an end, which really is how he probably looks at his entire life. He seems completely unmotivated, and you get the sense that if he died today, his last thoughts would be something like ‘the end.’

Price: Extreme. Calvin is the official most powerful man on Nar Shaddaa, which un-officially makes him like the 5000th most powerful man on Nar Shaddaa, but hes got the ear of the Hutt, and they hold his leash; it would take a lot to get this guy to help you on something he wasn’t personally invested in.

Vice: Solitude. Calvin likes to be alone, and spends most of his time locked away in his palatial tower rising just above the polluted atmosphere. He feels uncomfortable with a crowed, a xenophobia that has grown worse with time, and does almost everything via hologram.

Marquis Calvin Darklighter

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