Sylvanas Kerill

Syl is a smuggler living on Nar Shaddaa. A diamond in the rough, she does well for herslef, and is captain of the starship FreeWind.


Syl is a beauty. Shes smart, funny, likes long walks on the beach; and shes trained in 6 forms of martial arts, and could field strip an E-11 blindfolded. Her father was adjutant to Gran Moff Tarkin during the Rise, and that had Syl cartwheeling all over the core. It was during this time she learned to fly, fight, and deal; the daughter of such a hands on official, Syl was often seen at Imperial galas and parties as much as secret military installations and Star Fleets.

When she was 16, her and her father were planing on a trip to Ryloth for some business and then a little break. When he never arrived, she started asking around, and was soon informed that he had been arrested as a rebel spy. When Syl was finally aloud to see her father, she pleaded with him to cut a deal wit the authorities. His spotless record and years of service, coupled with a friendship with a Gran Moff had the Empire throwing some attractive offers their way; Exile to the corporate sector, pension, and most of all, freedom.

But the old man wouldn’t budge, said he had to stick to his principals, and wanted to “Swing with the rest of the boys.” The trial became a fiasco, and media circus ensued. In the end, a bunch of phony charges of slave trade, and drug abuse were trumped up, and Adjt. Kerill was executed along with the rest of the plotters.

Her name sullied, Syl fled to her ship, the civi version of the Imperial Customs Corvette (civi version of Guy Montags FireIron) and literally spun the dial on the astrogation chart. She collapsed in a heap of tears as realty fell away around her, and she entered hyperspace. When he came to, she had somehow landed on Nar Shaddaa.

Today, it was her home, or good as any. Syl hates her father for abandoning her, hates the Empire for betraying her, and hates the rebellion for forgetting her. These days, the anger is seldom seen. She’s a great pilot and possesses training most of the best gunrunners would kill for. Her only love is her ship, and as long as you stay out of her way, you’ll be fast friends.

Sal: You found Sylvanas weeping in a booth at the Smoking Blaster. She was drunk out of her mind, hadn’t eaten in days, and was clutching a holdout blaster in her hand with intent to use it only once. You took her in, and nursed her back to health. When she was well enough, she told you her story, and you looked into her fathers record. You found some bad stuff, but you didn’t show her that, and to this day haven’t. You told her your story though, and this really seemed turned the kid around. She got a job in transport because of her large ship, paid you back for your time and effort, and you two have been close-ish ever since.

H1-R0: Syl is the closest thing Sal has to a real friend, and you wish she was around more often. She treats you like a person, and you find that acceptable. She has helped you get some specialty parts before, and Sal just isn’t quite so moody around her so shes okay in your book. Her ship and you made a wager on when the two of them are going to just get it over with.

Price:Free. Syl credits Sal with saving her life, and while both of them may have the emotional range of a training remote, she would do anything for the guy and his droid.

Vice:Freedom. While Syl lives on Nar Shaddaa, she travels all over the galaxy, sometimes gone for months on end. She is obsessed with the concept of not being tied down, and it sometimes causes her to take risky jobs. Shes a loner, and her ship is her life; as long as she has it she can keep breathing.

Sylvanas Kerill

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