Tasha is a dancer at Shem's. Too pretty to be working in a dive like that, shes on of those girls you just can't get a read on.


‘Tasha,’ so she says was born on Hollast VII. Her mother, she claims, placed her in the arms of a stranger as refugees were being evacuated during the insurrection on that world, and she never saw her again. Her transport was making it’s way out of Hutt Space, but the whole thing turned out to be a scam, and they landed on Nar Shaddaa to be sold as slaves by the ruthless captain.

Now a freed slave, Tasha uses her good looks and seduction to empty the pockets of smugglers just off the job, and is very good at it.

Sal: You have found yourself over at Shem’s more than once, but typically it’s for a case. You’ve never met Shem, but her reputation says “come here to play, not to work,” and Tasha is great about helping you with the details; fining people inside, distracting them, squeezing bits of information out of them. You’ve never slept with Tasha and really it’s the farthest thing from your mind. Okay, maybe not the farthest. But shes a business partner as far as your concerned, no need to complicate this. She’s reasonably priced and sometimes, you just need a pretty lady to open a door that a blaster can’t.

H1-R0: Sal is in love with this Twilek, as far as you can tell. They engage is what you assume to be ‘flirtatious behavior’ and Sal insists on using her to get information that could be acquired through coercion. She has facial and body symmetry which you know that 68% of all bi-pedal sapient species find attractive, and she is generally nice to you on the very few occasions you have seen her. Shem’s doesn’t allow droids.

Price: Moderate-high. Tasha is good at what she does, and you really only cut her in when the money is there and she could just speed things up, but she seems to like you two enough and as far as you can tell, shes not working some feminine wiles on you.

Vice: Money. When it comes down to it, their is a price for everything on the menu as far as shes concerned. Sure, it might be high, but you name it; it’s for sale.
She may also have a Stem addiction, but you haven’t confirmed that one yet.


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