Don Santos the Spacer

The self made 'Don Santos' is Captain of the StarSail and a well known smuggler of Spice, weapons, and persons.


Don Santos is the epitome of the Nar Shaddaa ‘Daytripper. ’While his permanent home still rests on Naboo, Nar Shaddaa is what The Don affectionately refers to as his ’Office.’ He makes appearances and takes meetings at all the seediest, most profitable location, including the Slag Pit, Rimmers Rest, the Smoking Blaster, and Bar Shaddaa.

Don Santos extravagant ways, legendary generosity, and charming demeanor have made him something of a celebrity among the denizens of Nar Shaddaa, and while he has many enemies and friends alike, he seldom makes effort to hide is whereabouts, and flaunts his fortunes, both good and bad.

Sal: The Don is pretty annoying. If you can, you like to avoid getting involved with him. You two certainly aren’t “buddies” but pretty much every time hes onworld, you either run into him, or hes asking you to get pictures of wife number 8 cheating on him, so he can sue her and take her money. Santos is reckless, arrogant, and generally a pain, but as a far traveled smuggler with deep connections all over Hutt space, hes not someone you can’t just toss to the wind.

H1-R0: Don Santos isn’t much use to anybody who doesn’t want to avoid Imperial Tax. His patterns are consistent throughout your history of knowing him; find the most logical path of least resistance, and on the exact opposite path, you will find Don Santos. Not much of a threat, he is motivated by personal wealth and wild hedonism. An affection for Human females is something he keeps secret, but you have categorized several instances of contact. His great redeeming quality is that when hes extremely intoxicated, Don Santos is convinced you are a droid named ‘Exto’ and will take you out to gamble and carouse with him. It is these times that you are granted access to better casinos and and higher stakes.

Price: High/Trade. Don Santos makes good money, and unless hes deep in the hole, he will topically offer his aid for either exorbitant prices, or bizarre goods or services, usually pertaining to some debt, or in relation to a personal matter.

Vice: Chief among them is Gambling, but include also Women, Drink, select Spice, and flashy custom weapons. Don Santos is savvy, and world wise, but spends most of his life in desperate need of something, and will do just about anything to get it. Anyone with half a brain can manipulate the Gungan with some ease.

Don Santos the Spacer

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