Gorba the Hutt

The most powerful Hutt crimelord living on Nar Shaddaa, operating out of 'Gorbas Den' in the Red Sector


Gorba is the most powerful Hutt living on the Smugglers Moon. That is to say, he is one of the only Hutt to live on, and operate off of the moon. While a huge percentile of Hutt dealings cross the moons surface, most Hutts commute, or live in lavish skyhooks and space-stations, heeding the taboo among the species that Hutt should not “Live in the work.”

A lowborn son of a newer family, unlike many Hutt lords outside of the council of Deakons, Gorba does not partake of much entertainment or vice, and is a cunning businessman, obsessed with proving his worth within his own Clan. His bar is not unlike the millions of seedy pleasure dens throughout the satellite, but its more for his men, and his image than for himself.

Sal: Gorba is trouble. Most Hutts don’t come to you, there’s a long line of people waiting, and your reputation for not working with them is known. Gorba, however, runs everything surrounding the sector you operate in, the Corellian. More than once, you have had to cross lines in pursuit of a case. You don’t usually have trouble, but it’s cost you credits before. H1-R0 deals with the slug on he rare occasion you are forced to pay a toll, or meet in his Den. You don’t give him much thought, but hes uncanny smart, so watch out.

H1-R0: Gorba is a crime boss like almost all of the Hutt. Unlike most of the Hutt, Gorba is smart and calculating, more concerned with business for sake of business rather than business as a means for pleasure.. Having dealt with him very seldom, but still far more than Sal, you know that you have to keep an eye on this one. He’s ambitious, and has interest in the Corillian Sector where your shop is located; and where the Brotherhood reigns supreme. In your opinion, Sal should just deal with him. There’s money to be made, and this is one Hutt who is smart enough to push his ego aside to get somewhere. Still, Sal’s the boss, he says no Hutt, so no Hutt, but players that big always turn up in the game.

Price: High. You haven’t gone to Gorba for help before, but H1-R0 has paid him tax once or twice, and it’s always way, way up there. Gorba is someone you don’t want to owe; ever.

Vice: Business. Gorba speaks the language of the deal, and the best way to flatter him is to do the same, and make him feel like he beat you on it. He can’t resist a negotiation, and if he can increase his profit margin or get anything in return, he’s willing to bend his loyalties.

Gorba the Hutt

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