Darrius Flex

Darrius is a private eye who operats exclusivly for the Hutt, and travels all over Hutt Space. His main offices are located on Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa


Darrius is world weary. He was a decorated soldier in the Clone Wars, then a captain of CorSec. Whatever happened to him, hes a broken man today. Talented at investigation and criminology, Darrius is on a constant retainer with the Hutt Council of Deakons, and these days does less investigation and more investigation management. For a guy who used to hunt down mob bosses and watch then fry on stand, it’s hard cleaning up the messes that get thrown his way these days.

Sal: Darrius is a good guy, and not really competition for you because of his contract with the Hutt. More than once he’s tried to hire you, and he’s always genuinely disappointed when you say no, but more with himself than anything. You found out, almost on accident, that he has a family on Corillia. He knows you know, but you haven’t talked about it, and probably wont. You see each other a few times a month typically, and swap information freely. You owe him a drink, last you checked.

H1-R0: Darrius’ story checks out. Hes a beaten man if you’ve ever seen one. Kind of like Sal, in fact, only older and hes given up. He has a family, and as far as you know he should be with them, but for his own reasons hes not. He’s not a bad guy, that much you are certain, just lost, and not trying to find himself. He’s not really trying anything as far as you can tell, classic underachiever, with an elevated risk of suicide.

Price: Free. Darrius is a good guy, or once was, and with all the dirt on his hands these days, he loves helping Sal and H1-R0 nab a scumbag, and is only too happy to help.

Vice: Drink. Darrius is one of those guys you haven’t, and would never want to see sober. Flask at the ready, smokes in hand, hes always lubricated against everything going on around him.

Darrius Flex

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