Jalen Mixx

Head barkeep at Bar Shaddaa, the pub across the span from Sal's place


Jalen is a friendly, outgoing, ‘nicest guy you ever met’ walking stereotype. He pours drinks over at the Bar Shaddaa, and ever day is the best day of his life. He’s always got a gleam in his eye and story to tell, if you can pay your tab.

It makes some people sick to be around him, a guy who can be that happy living in a sewer, but his position and personality give him access to some valuable information, and most of it is for sale. So feel free to drop by for a drink and a laugh, check your guns at the door and your attitude with ’em, because Jalen probably has something that you want to hear.

Sal: You have known Jalen since you first arrived on Nar Shaddaa, day one in fact, because the bar he works at is just across the span from your shop. He’s one of those guys who treats you like his best friend in the world, and sometimes it seems like he might be; but you know almost nothing about him and he knows almost nothing about you, aside from what you each do for a living. The one thing that bugs you about Jalen is that no one is this nice; no one. Still, whatever hes hiding is probably not someplace you want to go anyway, so you enjoy the relationship you’ve got.
You get along great, and if hes selling then its a good idea to buy, it’s helped you solve more than one simple case, but if not, keep moving; the Corillian Brotherhood owns the Bar Shaddaa, and they like Jalen just where he is.

H1-R0: You like Jalen as much as you can like anybody. He’s hands down the nicest sentient you have ever met, he lets you in his bar (which isn’t always a given for your type), and he even lets you play sabacc when they throw games together. You being a droid, any disingenuous rumors behind his bright personality are hard for you to pick up; he acts like a nice guy, indeed he really is a nice guy, and so far you have no reason to think otherwise.

Vice: Unknown

Price: Low to moderate; Jalen can only sell what his bosses allow him to, and the big shot information doesn’t usually trickle down. The patrons of the bar slip him a ton of small time street stories, and that’s a valuable commodity here. Still, hes a businessman, no favors, almost no trades; he deals in cash, and everything is priced to sell.

Jalen Mixx

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