Rio's Log Episode I


After several months of wandering, and abandoning Drexel on Narr Shaddaa, the hero’s accepted a bounty contract for the capture of Alyx Triani, a human female with special forces training. The contract specified her crime only as “theft,” and was set at five thousand credits.
Both the Empire and the Hutt would honor the contract, suggesting there was more to the transgression than meets the eye.
Having located Triani, the crew tracked her to a refugee ship headed to the planet Dravos.
On arriving, they followed the target to an industrial park, and after a botched attempt to sneak into the facility, attempted to storm it.
Triani proved a tough target, but in the end, she was captured, and the crews IPKC license warned off the corporate security around Triani, and they let Krieton and Ruun take her.
Initially they sought to turn her in for the bounty, but Alyx convinced the duo that both the Empire and the Hutt simply wanted information she possessed regarding a fixed position in space containing the shattered remains of a starship engagement.
Triani convinced them that the wreckage would contain hard imperial credits, saying the only reason she was at the corporate offices on Dravos in the first place was to hire a ship to go there.
For salvage rights, the crew has decided to take Triani to her battlefield.

Rewards: No monetary reward was gained. Although Triani is worth five thousand imperial credits, the crew has elected to take her information as payment, and salvage what they can from the mysterious wreckage she has promised them.

XP: 2,000 points, for a combination of time passed between games, and Triani being and exceptionally difficult target.



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