Episode I

New Man

Summary: Having turned over a new leaf, Sal has become a (mostly) responsible business man who is on the up and up, and (mostly) sober. He is locked in an Imperial quarantine on the planet Kallenko, when he meets up with an eccentric and desperate Rodian named Keoda. Sal soon learns that Keoda is in fact the reason for the lockdown and the manhunt, and he soon finds out why; Keoda used to be a Jedi.
Keoda and Sal manage to maneuver themselves into a position where they have clearance to get off world with a ‘perishable goods’ cargo manifest, and after an extremely close shave with a local thief and four noisy Imperials, the No Man’s Servant II sails past the blockade and out for the safety of the black.
Whatever comes next, Sal’s stint on the ‘up and up’ may be coming to an end.

XP: Sixteen CL1 Stormtroopers (320) Two CL5 Imperial Officers (2,000) Four CL1 Thugs (80) One CL8 Crime Lord (1,600)
Additional: Getting off world without space battle (2,000) Good Roleplaying (2,000)
TOTAL XP: 8,000 /2 = 4,000 each.

Rewards: 4 Imperial e-11 blaster rifles/4 pistoles. 4 Stormtrooper belt contents. Job paying 3,000 credits plus monies won/stolen from thugs.

Important Notes: Keoda being a Jedi is going to be a problem for Sal and anyone close to him. While there is talk of a massive Rebel buildup, the war is far from over, and huge Imperial agencies are scouring the galaxy for former members of the praxium. The No Man’s Servant II Is mostly clean at this point; as long as the bodies aren’t found, the captain of the vessel will just be wanted in relation to the disappearance of imperial personel. Coupled with the dead thugs and the general lawlessness of the quarantine, you should be fine.
But as long as you have a Jedi with you, the heat is going to keep coming.

A Special Message from Taylor: If you guys aren’t into this gamester style, then please let me know and I will change it but this is what I am going for; Drift and Starhounds are a shared universe the same way the Star Wars Movies and the EU are ‘shared.’ In my portion of Star Wars, it is extremely hazardous to be a Jedi. It has always been that way, and I let billy play one because I still think it can be a lot of fun. Still, the danger may have some dire consequences so if A character wants to ban a Jedi from his ship (sal) or go into hiding (keoda) or face what coming and hope you both survive; I am all for it, but I am not going to pull punches.
If you’re both cool with that, then all I ask is this; if you want to make a change to crew or character that can be summed up in a few words (ie Sal kicks Keoda off the ship, Keoda attacks and kills sal; whatever) then lets make sure we do it between games.

I say this because as a GM, I am going to have characters that are “regular guest stars.” As GM’s, we all have those. I am not opposed, however to letting each character have alternates in case of death, and also for random “guest stars.”
I get tit, it might not work, and I dont want a revolving door of characters. Also, for drift anyone who misses a game, or any character who misses a game receives 50% XP. So if you have an alt character, just like with mulitclassing, the player who stays with one character will in the long run have a slight edge. As for missing games, I am happy to grant the rest of the 50% XP for some contribution to the site made within that week before the next game, be it story or gear or whatever.

Let me know your thoughts, you may read this and just think “fuck no” and if so, no worries its gone, just something I would like to try.


Thanks for posting this and in answer to your question:

Sal kills Keoda. Sal becomes Jedi.

Episode I

Well, I did say to take care of it out of game. Damn.

Episode I

(also added a bit)

Episode I

Cool, sounds like a good plan.

Also, throwing this out there, but from now on Sundays are going to be hard for me to pull off. I’ll be able to do the occasional, but not every week. On the other hand, I’ll be able to do just about every Saturday, so is there any way we can shift the schedule?

Billy, I know you work Saturdays at times, but is that every week, or just when you’re scheduled? Is there any way you could make Saturdays work?

Let me know what y’all think, I’d really, really like to keep playing, so I’d appreciate any kind of help in this respect. If it’s not possible, I’ll understand and try to make things work on my end.

Episode I

Typically I dont mind what day, however both this weekend and next weekend I am booked on Saturday

Episode I

Id want night games if we do it saturday. Is THAT possible?

Episode I

Alright, well I’ll be able to make this Sunday work. We’ll talk about it more this weekend after the game.

Episode I

Night games are theoretically possible, but typically thats we drew and I put on our awesome and rock. SO that might conflict.

Episode I

@Taylor: the Jedi I designed is a Sentinel, so hes good at hiding himself for the most part, and knowing when evil is coming. Keoda’s lost touch with most of tradition in general because hes gone into exile/hiding/always on the run for his own life, while at the same time re-aligning with others live’s to help them; this is typically in dire situation when the Force is necessary to save life in some way or another. WHich also unmasks him to other sensitives looking for powerful banners, but knowingly he goes into hiding again. Hopefully throwing off force hunters from other potential targets. He is in a way a Force-ghost assassin-hunter sort of…hes also sort of hell bent on fixing Rodian society, that probably means attempting to stand up slave freighters, and robbing spice barons, even going as far as to halt outright urban assaults on defenseless shelters as a means of conducting genocide. Got the idea for Keoda from the Jedi purge, and as a solution to keeping the idea of the Force a lore element of mystic Jedi real I wanted the sort of character that can hide that aspect of himself and be able to blend in. Other Rodians can discover who I am quite easily, but anyone else would probably have a hard time telling one Rodian form the next. Most look more or less the same.

@Sean: Why are Sunday mornings hard? I cant think of a lazier day in the week, but Im usually hungover or still adventuring at the start of saturdays.

@Drew: Keoda’s force ghost comes back to haunt you. Forever…

Episode I

@Billy yeah I like the idea, I just want you to know the more you use the force, the harder it is to live in this world; it’s a cool character, looking forward to seeing him play out!

@Sean like I said I’m flexible usually, but Sunday’s seem to work out beat for me most of the time.

@Drew you can try to find that amulet that gautlet thing that exar kun uses to kill freedon nadd’s spirit in order to rid yourself of keoda’s ghostly presense.

Episode I

Like I said, if Sundays just work for you guys best, that’s cool, but from now on Lauren it’s typically Lauren’s only day off, so I’d like to be able to spend it with her. If y’all can’t do it, no problem, I’ll probably just have to bow out of about half the games, much to my own chagrin.

I’ll be there this Sunday no problem, and if we can get very early starts then I’ll probably be able to go more often. Like I said, we can talk about it more this weekend if y’all would like.

Episode I

@ Keoda’s ghost – I “do the ghost.” now I’m catching on.
@ everyone else – whatever is cool with me. Nights, mornings, whatever I just like to have planned ahead of time. I prefer mornings because they are lazy and I wake up early anyway. I like to keeps nights free for hanging out or relaxing but I dont mind at all changing that around if it means more consistency from the gaming group. When I GM I super prefer the mornings but that’s because I’m kind of a morning person …

Episode I

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