Dark Places Episode 0 - Rio's log; archive summery one


Systems check; complete.
Viral contamination; none
Complete. System active. Queuing data…
File corruption, data incomplete, company profile nets down.
Codes missing.
Data flush.
System active.
System archive feature active, current status as follows; data specifics attached.
System reactivated after 86,752 days (CS) by Chiss, designation Krieton. Krieton and associates, designation Ruun and Drexel, hired by Crios Minerals Conglomerate to investigate ruined Demea Astrogation and Expansion research facility. Having found the facility in the jungle, the trio discovered relevant Astrogation data and a cash of raw mineral ore valued at 122,000 credits (republic) converted via extranet, 108,000.

Having found the valuables, the team also discovered that something had been stolen from the dormant droid mind of the facility, and stolen quite recently. File number 11987728 – 11989922.

Data corrupted or missing.

Determined to capitalize on their windfall, the three agents stole the raw ore, and the coded flimsy astrogation charts, and a chemical rocket suborbital.
After landing near the primary city, we found outbound interstellar traffic under quarantine, and a small fleet of probable Imperial origin the cause of the lockdown.
Krieton and Ruunn sold some of the ore (diamonds) and then sought a way off world, discovering a bounty placed on a Human was the cause of the lockdown.

Heavily armed troops displaying Madalorian Markings apprehended them both. Drexel went into hiding.

What follows is supposition, as I was left to guard the hidden stash of ore and the starcharts:

It seems the Ruun and Krieton accepted a bounty on the pair of beings who had stolen the data in the bases dormant droid mind before they got there.

After a ruse involving a trip to the mining asteroids space station, they gathered evidence of the targets location, and surmised their mostly likely method of a escape; tricking or paying off the stations salvage yard into assembling a functional ship from random pieces to avoid detection.

After finding the ship, Krieton and Ruun captured the targets and turned them over to the Imperial fleet commander. Stolen Data is said to be a weapon, although no corroborating data exists.

The subjects captured, the quarantine was lifted, and Krieton, Ruun, Drexel and myself left the system.

Following the adventure, the crew obtained and IBOS for their ship, and then attempted a smuggling run without the aid of Drexel, while they left on Narr Shadda for the run.

After bribing Hutt “inspectors,” the duo was double crossed and had to fight their way out of a boarding.

The goods were delivered, but the profit margins were slim.

Rewards: The bounty was paid in 30,000 credits cash. The ship assembled by the target was also minimally repaired and the team was allowed to keep it. It still lacks a transponder IBOS transmitter, but is spaceworthy.
Plus and extra 1,000 XP for the bonus mission.

XP: 4,000 (over three games)



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