Broken Pieces

The Grand Conspiracy

The Corellian Brotherhood was destroyed.

What had started out as a series of cases, and a quiet life on a tiny moon had become so much more. Carson Black, a former Agent in the Brotherhood crime syndicate was in fact an agent of the Imperial Secret Service; a simple, official sounding name that covered all manner of sins.

When a carson came looking for Sal to find the case file that connected to H1R0’s unique droid model, it seemed like easy money.

Then came Erena. She swore someone was after her, that she was being followed, that shadows were closing in, and she was right.

Sal found the case file deck, and when he plugged it into H1R0, he saw why carson wanted it. Names, dates and number; the clerical precision of absolute evil. Here was proof that the Empire had executed millions after the Rise, and the state seized their funds to help pay for the Clone War.

Erana had watched her parents die. It took her weeks to dig the memories out of her grief stricken mind, but Sal found it, and the pieces fell together.

Black was there to take out the Brotherhood; the Empire didn’t want to deal with the spawn of traitors and rebels after the Treaty was signed. Black Sun had an interest, and so Caron was tasked with inserting them into the vacuum left by the Brotherhood once he took them down.

It was all pebbles in a stream, rocks knocking into each other to form an avalanche. A MerenData Model H1 Analysis Droid droid grew a conscious and gave the data to Erena. She ran when Carson found out she was still alive. Once he found out she had proof, he pushed harder. And fate stuck her in the one place that she should have been; a smugglers moon where her old flame lived and worked as a PI.

The rocks were tumbling now. Sal caught on, H1R0 had the proof, enough to set fire to the Empire’s old ways and send billions into the Alliance. It wouldn’t do.

So Carson executed the Brotherhood Elders and set a trap for Sal. But the ex CorSec cop was better than Black expected. He hid the data, sent Erena far away where no one, not even he could find her, and he faced black.

The battle was quick, sent the Bar Shaddaa into ruins, and Black got away. But when Sal’s Hutt connections filled the vacuum before Black Sun could slip in, thanks to the dick and his droid, the whole thing fell apart for the ISS.

The duo ran, the Hutt expelled the Empire from their space, and Black was left in ruins. ISS burned their man, and he set out for the stars with a mind for vengeance.

Meanwhile, deep in the steel tangle of Nar Shaddaa, an unassuming droid served an Evocci by the name of Mordo. Nestled in his durasteel frame was the proof that could set the galaxy on fire, and while H1R0 and Sal parted ways, they knew the ace in the hole would keep the Imperials off their back.

The galaxy turned, and war raged across the stars as billions of souls were sent screaming into the void, all the while Sal and H1R0 moved unnoticed in the masses, and their scrape with destiny seemed to fade like a candle in the dark.

But Sal knew like none other that the darkness comes before, and lingers after. He never slept without his gun. He could’t just sit in a diner and lose himself in a meal. There was something still undone, and if he didn’t find it, then it would find him. There was a heavy weight that told him that sooner or later, he was going to run out of time.



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